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Done by Pedroz Anjos.
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Painting I made tonight.  Come get it tattooed!
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Ivory hilted dagger and sheath.
you left so long ago but somehow
i still hear my sheets whisper your name.
and every night i tell myself that i am not alone,
for the stars are watching over me,
but i realise all too quickly the small
burning masses that reside in space
aren’t going to hold me the way you used to.
so i’m alone. and i stumble.
but there is no salvation for me
in the other boys whose
heavy breaths burn with the taste of alcohol,
and whose hands trace not the gentle path
your fingertips once danced over,
but who instead grab at my flesh with a clouded desire.
don’t ask me about their eyes. i’m no fool.
i know that they won’t provide me
with the refuge i long for.
you left so long ago and yet i feel as
though you could have been here last night.
how rude of you to taint everything
and leave me with nothing. nothing. (aqsa.s)

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